9 Best Real Estate WordPress Plugins in 2024

9 Best Real Estate WordPress Plugins in 2024

Real Estate WordPress plugins are additional pieces of software that can be integrated into a WordPress website to enhance its functionality, specifically catering to the needs of real estate professionals and property-related businesses. WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that allows users to build and manage websites easily.Real Estate WordPress plugins provide features and tools that are tailored to the requirements of the real estate industry. Some common functionalities offered by these plugins 

Includes property listing, Search and Filtering, Maps Integration, Agent Profiles, Mortgage Integration, Booking and appointment system, etc. The blog of the day aims to introduce the Top 9 Real Estate WordPress Plugins. So, let's start to get detailed knowledge about it. 

9 Best Real Estate WordPress Plugins

1) Real Estate Pro WordPress Plugin ($39)

Real Estate Pro WordPress Pugin is one of the plugins that can easily integrated into the site. As it is considered the best premium plugin, it is a feature-rich plugin that consists of PayPal and Stripe payment gateway integration. Along with the responsive design, the plugin can integrate with Mailchimp to easily store email for new registrants. WPML supportive plugin is a real estate listing plugin that delivers many facilities dealing with the property. Apart from this, you can get more once you pay $39 and integrate it into your site. 

2) WP Property Real Estate Plugin ($30) 

It is one of the advanced real estate plugins that allow you to group certain elements with a particular criterion for displaying icons, sizes, and colors for showing large data sets. The plugin is harmonious with the visual composer page builder, which has very simple and easy customization capabilities. To discover any property or location, the plugin allows you to integrate Google Maps easily. The advanced search option in the plugin is very helpful for users in finding properties in various locations. Once you complete the purchase, you can get multiple features along with the best user experience with the plugin. 

3) Realentor- Property Manager WordPress Plugin ($39) 

Realentoris, a genuine property plugin, will oversee property postings for the WordPress site. It has 5 built-in shortcodes, such as Box Lattice, List Network, Comparison Properties, Even Channel, and Vertical Channel, to utilize the plugin freely. It's exceptionally straightforward and hassle-free so that clients can make their postings and distribute them rapidly with a responsive plan.Moreover, it has 5 widgets for the Elementor page builder to make boundless plans and styles. So, we recommend attempting to utilize the Elementor to realize the real control of this plugin.From the organization's point of view, it has 3 sorts of scientific classifications (category, sort & city) so that they can distribute their postings unexpectedly. 

4) Multi Dealer and Real Estate Agent/Agency WordPress Plugin ($44) 

It is a WordPress plugin that is profoundly customizable, open source, and client-inviting and permits merchants and brokers to manage their items and inventories. It can be an effective apparatus for making and handling custom meta boxes (meta information) and custom post areas for WordPress without coding or using another plugin. In case you do not know what metaboxes are, there is no issue. Fairly introduce and utilize our plugin to appear and offer your items and disregard around.It gives merchants and genuine bequest offices and location proprietors an Admin Board that gives you control over the substance and item postings. You do not require another plugin or expansion (not one or the other coding) to total the work! 

5) Real Estate Apartment Manager WP plugin ($9)

The plugin is a WordPress-based plugin that makes a difference in overseeing your different flats. Oversee numerous flats, buildings, pads, providers, Inhabitants, bookings and complaints. Get booking demands and resolve complaints from Residents. “Real Domain Loft Manager” is the most excellent WordPress plugin for overseeing highly customizable multiple apartments, levels, buildings, complaints, or any kind of genuine domain property. It'll assist you in controlling the total flat in your hand at a glance. This plugin has a 3-step dashboard: Admin Dashboard, Provider Dashboard, and Inhabitant Dashboard; the Admin can control all actions, such as building, level, provider, Inhabitant, and complain administration. 

6) Homipro- Property Rental WordPress Plugin ($59) 

Homipro may be a wealthy plugin that comprises a Free or Paid choice to set your catalog as a free or paid framework. It permits free postings upon enrollment, awesome for advancements. From this, one can win from included postings and bump-up postings. Separated from this, the plugin incorporates a genuine time chat framework, a built-in client dashboard framework, a built-in shortcode builder, and more than 20 property areas like brochures, gallery, country, city, floor arrange, etc.There's an uncommon office to appear or cover up undesirable areas on the posting creation page, detail page and look page, areas on the detail page, and areas on the look page. The Built-in Google and Facebook registration/login framework and e-mail notices are esteem included features. Favor postings by admin or auto endorsement and specialist rating framework are too included.Full video direct, the best and most devoted support, and free future overhauls for a lifetime are some exceptional highlights of the plugin.

7) WP Realty WordPress Real Estate Plugin ($54)

WP Realty – Genuine Bequest Plugin for WordPress is the perfect way to oversee your genuine domain office and property operators. The plugin has a front conclusion for property look and posting and a backend for total Genuine bequest operation administration. Simple to arrange plugin has a course of action for different client parts like admin, specialist, and proprietor. In addition to this, the plugin provides request administration, case administration, area administration, and errand administration. 

8) Essential Real Estate WordPress Plugin (Free)

It is a free plugin that you just can attempt at essential arrange. There are full highlights required for a genuine domain site, which are simple to customize and overwrite formats. Permit to oversee property postings and yield property by means of backend and front-end. Backed worldwide installment, construct advertise, specialist management, etc.

9) Estatik Real Estate Plugin (Free) 

Estatik is again one of the free real estate plugins that you can easily set up for your website regarding the real estate business. Technically, the plugin has a user-friendly instinctive interface, a clear plan, and adaptable usefulness. The full-featured WordPress Estatik Real Estate plugin has smooth integration with Elementor Page Builder. You can get more other than this once you go try the plugin and experience its functioning. 

How to choose the best Real Estate WordPress Plugin?

Choosing the best Real Estate WordPress plugin for your needs requires careful consideration of various factors. Here are some key aspects to consider when making your decision:

  • Features: Look for essential features such as property listings, advanced search options, interactive maps, and image galleries.Consider additional features like virtual tours, mortgage calculators, and IDX/MLS integration if they are important for your real estate website.
  • Ease of Use: Choose a plugin that is user-friendly and has an intuitive interface. This is crucial, especially if you are not familiar with complex technical setups.Customization Options:Ensure the plugin allows you to customize property details, search criteria, and design elements to match your brand and website theme.
  • Responsive Design: Make sure the plugin provides a responsive design, ensuring that your real estate website looks good and functions well on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Performance :Opt for a plugin that doesn't significantly impact your website's loading speed. Slow-loading pages can result in a poor user experience and negatively affect your search engine rankings.
  • SEO Friendliness: Consider a plugin that is optimized for search engines. This contains options such as customized permalinks, meta tags, and XML sitemaps.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the plugin is compatible with your WordPress version and other plugins you may be using. Check for any reported conflicts with popular themes or other essential plugins.
  • Support and Documentation: Choose a plugin that comes with good support and documentation. This can be essential for troubleshooting issues or understanding how to use specific features.
  • Updates: Check if the developers regularly update the plugin. Regular updates indicate that the developers are actively maintaining and improving the plugin, addressing security concerns, and adding new features.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Read other users' reviews and ratings to learn more about their experiences with the plugin. This can provide insights into potential issues and strengths of the plugin.
  • Cost: Consider your budget and evaluate whether the plugin provides value for the price. Some plugins may offer a free version with limited features and a premium version with additional capabilities.
  • Demo or Trial Version: If available, try out a demo or trial version of the plugin before making a final decision. This allows you to test its functionality and see if it meets your requirements.
  • By carefully assessing these factors, you'll be better equipped to choose the Real Estate WordPress plugin that aligns with your specific needs and preferences. 


Many Real Estate plugins that we have discussed in this blog offer a range of features in both free and premium versions. This allows users to choose a solution that aligns with their budget while still meeting their requirements. By leveraging the advantages of Real Estate WordPress plugins, you can create a professional and efficient online presence for your real estate business, providing a valuable resource for both buyers and sellers.

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