10 Best WordPress Themes for Nonprofit Organizations

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Best WordPress Themes for Nonprofit are the WordPress themes specifically designed and optimized for nonprofit organizations, charities, and fundraising purposes. These themes typically include features and functionalities that cater to the unique needs of nonprofit entities, helping them to effectively manage their online presence, promote their cause, and engage with their supporters.

Features of Best WordPress Themes for Nonprofit

Here are the key features of Best WordPress Themes that are considered ideal for nonprofits:

  • Donation Integration: These themes often come with built-in support for donation plugins or have donation functionality included, making it easy to accept and manage online donations.
  • Event Management: Nonprofit WP theme offers tools for managing and promoting events, including event calendars, ticket sales, and registration forms.
  • Volunteer Management: Some themes provide features for managing volunteer sign-ups, schedules, and communications.
  • Cause or Campaign Pages: Themes designed for nonprofits usually include templates for creating detailed pages about specific causes, campaigns, or projects, allowing for clear and effective communication of the organization's mission.
  • Responsive Design: Ensuring the theme is mobile-friendly is crucial, as many users will access the site from various devices.
  • Integration with Social Media: Strong social media integration helps nonprofits to easily share updates and engage with their community across different platforms.
  • Newsletter Signup: Built-in forms or integrations with email marketing services like Mailchimp allow organizations to grow and manage their email lists.
  • Customizable Layouts: Nonprofits often need the flexibility to tailor their site's appearance to match their branding and present information in a compelling way.
  • Accessibility: Ensuring the theme adheres to web accessibility standards so that all users, including those with disabilities, can access and navigate the site effectively.
  • Multilingual Support: For organizations operating in multiple regions or serving diverse communities, themes that support multilingual capabilities are beneficial.
  • SEO Optimization: Just like other websites, nonprofit sites benefit from themes that are optimized for search engines to improve visibility and attract more visitors.
  • Testimonial Sections: Including sections for testimonials or success stories can help build credibility and showcase the impact of the nonprofit's work.
  • Photo and Video Galleries: Nonprofits often rely on visual content to tell their stories, so themes with robust gallery options can be very useful.
  • Custom Widgets: Many themes offer custom widgets tailored for nonprofits, such as progress bars for fundraising goals, sponsor logos, and team member profiles.

By choosing Premium WordPress themes that includes these features, nonprofit organizations can create a professional, functional, and engaging website that helps them achieve their goals and connect with their audience effectively.

10 Best WordPress Themes for Non-profit Organizations

The purpose of the Best WordPress Themes for Nonprofit organizations is to provide a tailored, user-friendly, and functional web presence that helps these organizations achieve their specific goals. The themes that we are going to discuss in this blog are designed to address the unique needs and challenges that nonprofits face, offering features and capabilities that support their mission and operations.

Following Best WordPress Themes for Nonprofit consists of integrated donation systems or compatibility with popular donation plugins. This makes it easy for organizations to accept and manage online donations, set up recurring donations, and track fundraising progress. So, have a look at these themes in detail.

1) Charity Hope ($59)

Welcome out first pick of the blog named as Charity Hope WP Theme.

Charity Hope is a new, fully functional WordPress charity theme for non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, fundraising institutes, crowdfunding organizations, and any other donation or cause-related organization's website. This Charity WordPress Theme is ideally suited for non-profit crowdfunding organizations. It can also be utilized for non-profit causes such as environmental awareness, senior citizen living, volunteer organizations, and so on.

The theme includes 8 fresh, modern, and beautiful home pages, 5 header styles, 5 footer styles, Custom Causes Plugin, Custom Event Plugin, Mega Custom VC Addon Pack, Custom Paypal Donation Plugin with advanced reporting, and all required pages and elements. Also compatible with the Give Plugin and the Event Manager Plugin.

2) Gainlove ($49)

Gainlove is one of the most flexible themes that one should purchase.

If you are looking for the finest charity WordPress themes in 2022, Gainlove is an excellent pick. This Nonprofit Charity WordPress Theme is fully customizable and suitable for any type of nonprofit or charity website, such as nonprofit, crowdfunding, fundraising events, donation campaigns, voluntary programs, donations for animals, volunteer for NGO organizations, or any other donation and cause-related organization's website. Furthermore, Gainlove Themelexus is built with Elementor, the leading page builder plugin. You may effortlessly create your charity website by dragging and dropping pre-made parts. Together with the nonprofit homepage, campaign pages, donation forms, and other CMS pages can be created for charity websites using the charity Elementor theme. WordPress theme builder free can attract a large number of volunteers and donors who participate.

3) Charitix ($44)

Charity WordPress Theme - Charity WP is designed specifically for charity, nonprofit, non-governmental organization (NGO), donation, and fundraising campaigns, with exceptional and remarkable features.
With many years of expertise designing WordPress themes and plugins, a significant amount of time is devoted in Charity WP, which includes research features and UI/UX optimization.

The theme has all of the elements required for a charity website, including campaign/project/cause creation, a contribution system, non-profit events, fund raising, crowdfunding campaigns for a cause or charity group/organization, a call for volunteers, a vision and mission page, and much more. These features are designed with a user-friendly interface to provide you with the greatest experience possible while using a Charity WordPress website.


WordPress Theme Bundle


4) Save Life ($69)

Save Life is a sleek, fresh, and functional Charity WordPress theme. It is ideal for nonprofit organizations. The theme is ideal for any charity, non-governmental organisation, crowdfunding agency, or free school. It also works well for donations, foundations, fundraising bureaus, free education, child care and protection, environmental protection, ecology blogs, religions, and governmental social program websites.

Save Life has all of the necessary features for a non-profit website, such as WPBakery (formerly known as Visual Composer) and the powerful ThemeRex Donations Plugin for fundraising campaigns, giving, foundations, and charitable trusts. Save Life is also compatible with several paid plugins, including Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, and Events Calendar. Furthermore, the theme is fully responsive, 100% Retina, and SEO ready, and comes with thorough HTML documentation.

5) Hope ($69)

Let’s meet our one more bright and bold Hope WP theme.

Hope provides all of the functionality that your nonprofit website may require. It includes a strong Give plugin for fundraising campaigns, donations, foundations, and charitable trusts.

It is a cutting-edge, bright, and well-designed Charity WordPress theme for non-profit organizations that supports RTL. This stunning theme is ideal for any modern charity organization, NGO agency, crowdfunding bureau, free school, donations, foundation firm, fundraising, free education, child care and protection, environmental protection, ecology business, religion, or governmental social program website.

6) Giving ($59)

Get here get now. The best of the best Giving WP theme.

Giving is a WordPress theme designed specifically for charities, non-profits, fundraising, and non-governmental organizations. We analyzed hundreds of existing websites to identify real needs and tools. The theme is popular content management systems. Giving Theme offers the best WordPress theme for Charixy, first aid, and non-profit organizations.

The giving WordPress Theme - Giving WP provides over 6 unique homepages originated in various styles and layouts. All of them are ideal for charitable organizations, non-profits, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), donations, and fundraising campaigns.

7) Charixy ($59)

Charixy offers the best WordPress theme for charity, first aid, and non-profit organizations. Charixy was created after extensive research, with a complete and clean design, and is ready for you to create your excellent theme. The Charixy WordPress Theme - Charixy WP includes over 7 homepages developed in various styles and layouts. All of them are appropriate for Charixy organizations, non-profits, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), donations, and fundraising campaigns.

8) Heart ($69)

Heart is a modern, vibrant Charity WordPress theme for non-profit organizations that supports RTL. This stunning theme is ideal for any modern charity organization, NGO agency, crowdfunding bureau, free school, donations, foundation firm, fundraising, free education, child care and protection, environmental protection, ecology business, religion, or governmental social program website.

Heart delivers all of the essential features that your charitable website may require. It includes a strong Give plugin for fundraising campaigns, donations, foundations, and charitable trusts. It is also ideal for charity stores, blood donations, human rights volunteer work, and community environmental services. It is built with Elementor to allow you to express your creativity and create more amazing blocks and pages. Heart is fully compatible with premium plugins such as Revolution Slider, Elegro Crypto Payment, AI Engine, and WooCommerce, if you want to sell products on your website. The theme comprises comprehensive HTML documentation and is completely responsive, Retina, and SEO ready.

9) CharityBOX ($49)

Websites related to charities, non-profit organizations, donations, causes, fundraising, etc. can use the CharityBOX – Non-Profit WordPress Theme. This WordPress theme features the most widely used Google fonts, and it includes 26 separate WordPress files.
The theme has been tested on all popular portable devices and has a 100% responsive design.The theme is ideal for your online presence because of its lovely, intuitive, and distinctive style.

10) Green Earth ($59)

Here we are wrapping the blog with our last pick named Green Earth.

A non-profit WordPress theme is called Green Earth. It's incredibly well-designed to best suit non-profits and businesses that require environmental style. It has a brand-new feature called "Custom Slider," which lets you control the slider at will. It allows you to add an HTML caption, and sure, the document includes a sample of it. This theme has a ton of amazing features that you can uncover. This theme's "Page Builder" lets you quickly create pages using a drag-and-drop module. It also has a ton of options for that. This theme has an extremely feature-rich admin panel. Additionally, you have infinite options for creating sidebars.


Features like forums, discussion boards, and social media feeds help build a sense of community among supporters, volunteers, and stakeholders, fostering a stronger connection to the organization’s mission.

By using these Premium WordPress themes designed for nonprofit organizations, these entities can create an effective and impactful online presence that supports their goals, engages their audience, and promotes their mission effectively.

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