Choosing A WordPress Theme

What To Remember While Choosing A WordPress Theme For Your Website!

Internet is often compared with the sea. That’s why spending time on the internet is also called ‘surfing’! Another reason behind this is like the sea, the internet has some deep dark secrets. Some we can’t even reach. They both have an ability we can’t possess. Internet might seem like a calm infinite thing. But it has dark ways that affect directly our lives. We might think we operate it, but actually, sometimes it operates us. After all that we know is a drop in the ocean!

Choosing a Website Theme

But you have to sail your boat through this ocean to reach the island of success. Through websites, you can easily sail your boat. Having a website is like having an asset. You need to look after it constantly. If you make bad choices on the primary level; you will have to pay for it later. Choosing a WordPress theme is one of those crucial decisions.

Now why WordPress? Because it’s the best platform for website making. It’s the ultimate platform where you will get all the right tools you need. Here you will have to go through quite a process while making a website.

First, you will have to create a domain name for your business. Then on WordPress, you need to choose the right host for website making. wordpress has two hosts options, and

At you will get a ready-made WordPress theme. You won’t have to code or program anything. Just install the theme and add content. But here you will lose the authority over your own website. gives only the tools to build a website. You will need to code and program everything from scratch. But you will get complete authority over your website. You will be able to make any changes you want there.

If you want the authority and ready-made WordPress Theme too, then we have a way for that. You need to buy WordPress Theme from a third-party company. Choosing a WordPress theme is no joke.

There are few important features that you have to look for in a WordPress Theme before buying it. Choosing WordPress Theme will determine the future of your website. There are more than thousands of companies in the market who promise the best. But only few will prove them correct.

We have listed down some very important things to remember before choosing the WordPress Theme. Let’s check it out-

Responsive Layout:-

It’s one of the most important things to look for while choosing a WordPress theme. This feature will improve the viewership of your website. With viewership, it will also boost your sales.

For responsiveness make sure the WordPress Theme has CTA i.e Call To Action button on every page. This will increase the website’s response speed. Fast responses keep the viewers engage. Along with it, you will have a fast loading speed. Websites with slow speed often never gain the potential viewership online.

Along with responsiveness, the layout must have other features too. The layout of the WordPress theme should be attractive.  Its font style, color, background image, sections, templates, logo, title, header, footer, and slider should be placed elegantly by the designers.                                    

Strong Base:-

Strength is also necessary with beauty! Along with an attractive and responsive layout, the core of your website must be strong. While choosing WordPress Theme make sure the core is well coded. Strong coding and programming give a strong foundation to the website.

As we mentioned above, the internet has a dark side too. The one which we don’t know and don’t want to know! But we can’t deny it’s existence. We have to be prepared for possible attacks. The strong foundation of your website will protect your business.


The strong core will protect the website. But for facing new attacks every day, we need an updated system. While choosing WordPress Theme make sure its compatible with upcoming updates. WordPress itself keeps upgrading its system every once in a while. Make sure the WordPress Theme is supportive to these updated versions of it.

Customer Support:-

As said before, what we know is just a drop. We can’t pretend to hold all the knowledge. Prevention won’t give us the success we desire. That’s why some help every now and then is necessary. While choosing WordPress Theme make sure the company is providing some kind of customer support.

You will be facing a lot of issues with your website in further time. Most of which you won’t be able to solve by yourself. That’s why having reliable customer support or expert advice is important. It will save you a lot of time and money too.   


It’s the most important feature to look for in WordPress Theme. You must have it for the sake of your own business. While choosing a WordPress theme you have to make sure it has SEO. You can test your WordPress Theme to see its functioning. There are many ways to do that.

Just like responsiveness, this SEO will help you in reaching more viewers eventually boosting your business. SEO means Search Engine Optimization! This feature looks after your search engine rank. Anyone from across the world searches for the relevant term, your website’s URL will appear on the top suggestions. This is very important for your website and business as well.

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