23 Different Types of Websites You Can Create Using WordPress 

Do you want to know what kinds of websites WordPress can help you create?

Beginners frequently ask us what kinds of websites they may create with WordPress. "Almost any form of website imaginable," is our succinct response.

We will demonstrate some of the best WordPress website examples for you in this article.

How to Begin with WordPress
WordPress is the market's most widely used website builder, powering more than 42% of all websites.

WordPress websites come in two different varieties. The first is, a web hosting provider. Then there is self-hosted WordPress, also referred to as

When we refer to WordPress in this text, we specifically mean self-hosted WordPress websites. Because gives you complete access to all WordPress capabilities right out of the box, we strongly advise using it.

You'll need WordPress hosting and a domain name to get started.

We offer a step-by-step tutorial for using WordPress to create your website.

Installing WordPress on your PC allows you to play around with it. Visit our instructions to learn how to set up WordPress on a Mac or Windows computer.

In light of this, let's examine some of the most well-liked website designs that WordPress enables.

1. A personal blog or website

WordPress first served as a straightforward blogging tool before soon becoming into a potent content management system. These blogging and personal website elements haven't vanished during the past 18 years.

They have improved in polish, sophistication, and strength. WordPress continues to be the world's top blogging platform, utilised by both small and major publications.

Because of its adaptability, WordPress works effectively for both single-author blogs and blogs with multiple authors. It enables you to build websites with plenty of information that is simple to expand into a business.

See our step-by-step instructions for a newbie blogger on how to start a WordPress blog for more information.

2. Business Website

The simplest method to create a business website that looks professional is with WordPress. Because of its strength, a lot of well-known companies utilise WordPress to power their websites.

Owners of businesses adore its versatility and usability. You can add social media integrations, search engine optimization, marketing data tracking, and any other function you require by using WordPress plugins.

Without paying a site designer, you may pick from thousands of themes and easily change the layout.

See our comprehensive tutorial on creating a WordPress website for a small business to get started.

3. Online store or e-commerce site

The most widely used eCommerce platform worldwide is WordPress with WooCommerce. You can effortlessly accept payments online because it supports popular payment channels like PayPal and Stripe.

WooCommerce allows you to sell both physical and digital goods. It provides features to handle inventory, orders, shipping, taxes, and more. It also enables you to add any kind of goods to your store with ease.

Check out our tutorial on how to launch an online store for further information.

4. Membership websites

Subscriptions are sold on membership websites. This enables you to sell pay-per-view content, manage an online community, and hide some of your content behind a paywall.

The greatest WordPress membership plugin is MemberPress. It has robust user administration, subscription management, access control, interfaces with external tools, and payment methods.

5. Online course websites

WordPress can be used to create an online learning community and sell courses with ease.

The finest WordPress LMS platform for selling online courses from your website is MemberPress Courses. It has an intuitive user interface that makes it simple to design courses, manage access, and market subscriptions.

Visit our lesson on creating a WordPress website for online courses to learn more.

6. Website for an online marketplace

Lacking any goods to sell? What about developing an online market place where other sellers can offer their goods?

There are numerous amazing plugins for WordPress that can transform your website into an online store. Then, independent vendors can offer their own goods on your website, and you get paid for each order.

7. Pay-Per-View Website

You can sell exclusive material on your website on a pay-per-view basis if you have a pay-per-view website.

You'll be able to sell content to users directly. instead of relying on affiliate links, advertising revenue, or other revenue streams. You can offer digital passes, subscription plans, access tiers based on prices, and more.

8. Podcast Website

Podcasting and WordPress go together. WordPress is the platform of choice for the majority of online podcasters.

There are many top-notch WordPress plugins and themes for podcasting that significantly simplify the procedure. Additionally, you can incorporate any podcast hosting service to deliver files from your own website without any issues.

9. Dropshipping Website

Dropshipping is a style of eCommerce store where the products aren't kept on hand. Instead, the store owner places an order with a third-party vendor who then ships the product directly to the buyer when a customer makes a purchase.

You may quickly add products from third parties to your website with the help of some great drop-shipping plugins for WordPress.

10. Affiliate Website

Want to refer your users to goods and services in exchange for a commission?

Millions of marketers utilise WordPress to build wildly popular affiliate websites. It features a tonne of plugins and affiliate marketing tools that will help you increase your earnings.

Either construct an Amazon affiliate store that simply uses one sizable affiliate network, or sign up for individual affiliate programs.

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